Recommended sites

Democracy requires an informed electorate. To be truly informed, we must seek information from a variety of sources in addition to the main-stream media.

We hope this site helps.

Here are a few other recommendations:

Bob Livingston has been writing his newsletter, The Personal Liberty Digest, since 1969 – obviously long before the Internet – but it’s on the net at

Wayne Allyn Root, formerly the Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and an author and entrepreneur. His commentary can be heard on many main-stream venues but it’s all in one place at

Robert Ringer is also frequently interviewed on national TV. You can find his insights at

And one of my favorites: Bill Bonner’s Diary

You may not agree with everything these folks say. I don’t always agree with them, but they make me think. Thinking is good. The more different views you hear, the better you will be able to decide for yourself. As Walt Whitman said, “Review everything you have heard. Discard what insults your soul”.