The real problem with immigration

Recently, some high school seniors were asked where this statement came from; “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Sixty-seven percent thought it was from the U.S. Constitution.

It is not in the Constitution.

Actually, the author of the statement was Karl Marx, who is known as “The father of Communism”. It is the basic premise of Socialism and Communism.

What does this have to do with immigration, you ask? Well, let me explain.

My grandparents came to this country when they were in their teens. They did not speak English. They were farmers who were barely able to read and write! This was the land of opportunity for people who were willing to work hard, and given their lack of training and experience they had to work hard at menial jobs in factories, in order to survive.

But they had entered the country in accordance with the laws of the land, intent upon becoming Americans. They learned the language of their adopted country and eventually became citizens. They raised their children as Americans. My parents were bilingual. I have always spoken English only. I am an American who happens to be of Italian descent.

For many years, our nation prospered in part through the efforts of people like my grandparents, who aspired to earn a piece of the American Dream.

Compare their experience with that of people who sneak into this country for a chance to make more money than they could hope to earn in their native land. Many of them send much of their earnings “home” to their families. They themselves return home from time to time. Because of their illegal status, avoiding capture is their American Dream.

Even those who have legal status demand that we speak and print everything in their language! Their culture is too precious to them to surrender it to the ways of the land that feeds them. The melting pot must reverse itself, so that we may become more like them. “Diversity” is the new American Dream.

People form governments to protect its citizens from anything that threatens their way of life. Our government and those of many European nations are doing nothing to stem the tide of immigration. Do you wonder why?

It is because Nationalism is considered passé. The New World Order requires the abandonment of borders. The justification is that everything that defines us as different is bad. The way to raise the standard of living for people in Third World countries is to do away with countries! If we were all one people, peace would prevail and everyone would thrive in a single economy. Those of us who have enjoyed the good life must, through a sense of guilt, give up what we have worked for, so that other less fortunate people can catch up. It is a nice theory, although a bit naïve.

In reality, the result will more likely be a slight increase in the living standard of some former Third World people, and a much larger decrease in the standard of living once enjoyed by the First World.

It is also likely that the Middle Class will cease to exist.

The existence of a large middle class is evidence of a prosperous society. It exemplifies the American Dream. Socialism claims to be a classless society in which everyone is equal. The truth is there are always at least two classes: the ruling class and everyone else. Communism, which is essentially a socialist ideology, has failed everywhere it has been practiced, partly because there is no middle class to which to aspire, therefore there is no incentive to excel. Capitalism is what has allowed the citizens of the United States, Canada, Japan, and to some extent even China to enjoy a better standard of living than people living in Third World countries.

But wherever the people share wealth and power, those who would govern must obtain the cooperation of its citizens. Democracy can be hard to control. The New World Order and uncontrolled immigration will reduce us to a two-class society, one that is easily manipulated.

We could call the new form of government “Capitalistic Communism”.

Karl Marx would be proud.