Why there will NOT be a revolution in America

Will there be a revolution in America? No, not likely. You see, everyone agrees that the government should respect the will of the people, but we don’t seem to agree on what the will of the people is.

About half the people in America want the government to do more, while the other half would like to see the government do much less. How did we get so divided?

Well, it’s nothing new.

The American Revolution was fought because the colonists wanted the King of England to do much less. In fact, they wanted him to leave them alone.

But, at about the same time in history, the French people fought a revolution because they wanted their King to do a lot more for the people.

There have always been people who cherish freedom and liberty above all else, and there have always been people who want to be protected and cared for. Recently, we’ve seen both sides making news – the Tea Parties and the Occupy movements.

The Tea Parties want less government intervention in the lives of its citizens. The Occupy groups want the government to do more to protect the people from the evil bankers and corporations. Of course, they seem to have not noticed how the government is in bed with the bankers and corporations. Their wishes are even more naive than expecting the fox to guard the hen house. They expect the fox to guard against the other foxes!

But as long as the country is nearly equally divided (when was the last time a President was elected with more than a 5% advantage in the popular vote?) we can’t really expect the government to do “the will of the people”. Instead, we should expect the Congressional gridlock we have grown accustomed to. Each side is trying to comply with the wishes of the people.

The two sides are so ideologically opposed that no compromise is possible. You simply can’t have a nanny state AND individual freedom at the same time!

And as long as the populace is about evenly divided there will not be a revolution. But there might be a civil war.