I’m thinking about going to the movies. There’s a new film out called Man of Steel, which is a modern version of the classic tale of Superman.

I remember Superman from my childhood. Whenever Clark Kent, the mild-mannered reporter, would hear about someone who needed help he’d step into a phone booth to change into his Superman costume.

Phone booths. I wonder how many of you reading this know what a phone booth is – or was. I haven’t seen one in a long time. It should be interesting to see how the modern Superman changes clothes.

Many things have changed in my lifetime, and the need for phone booths is one of those things. People didn’t have smart phones back then, so they had to use public pay telephones. These conveniences were located in every restaurant, bar, store and even on street corners. They were enclosed, because back then when someone wanted to make a phone call, they wanted their conversation to be private.

That’s another thing that’s changed. No one seems to be concerned with privacy anymore. So, when it was revealed that the government was tracking everyone’s phone calls, the majority of you said it was no big deal. You say you have nothing to hide. From all the phone conversations I hear everywhere I go (whether I want to hear them or not) I guess that’s true.

Besides, you’re not saying anything over your phone that you haven’t already posted on Facebook or tweeted about on Twitter. And I have to wonder why you don’t care about privacy anymore.

If you’ve ever watched a police drama on TV, you know “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”, but you still don’t care that the same government that wrote that phrase is cataloging everything you say.