After the Blackout, Paul Anthony’s first novel, earned a Silver Medal in the 2014 Global E-Book Awards.

If something happened to knock out the electricity all around the world, what would happen? Is that Science Fiction or a very real possibility?
Most of the things we rely on would stop working, but would we revert to complete lawlessness like Hollywood depicts it? Or would most people try to cooperate, survive and rebuild?
If you prefer the Hollywood version of chaos and mayhem there are plenty of movies and TV shows to chooses from. But, if you’re just a little more optimistic…

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Creating Your New Life – One Thought at a Time

Have you read a lot of books that claim they will change your life?
Has your life changed yet?

Most self-help books tell us what to do to change our lives, but we only do the things we believe in. Changing from what we believe is right to what someone tells us is right always feels… wrong! And, because of that, most of us never really change.

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