About Paul Anthony and Voltaire Press

I am not an anarchist.

That’s a bold statement, but one that has become necessary from time to time to fend off attacks from those who sometimes disagree with me. So, let me make my opinion clear:

I believe government is necessary to ensure a civil society.

The debate should start there, and proceed from that premise toward determining how much government is necessary (and how much is too much).

Government has a tendency to expand both exponentially and eternally. It is important to understand that government is Power and Power is a finite entity. The more Power acquired by government the less of it remains in the control of individuals. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the citizens of a civil society to diligently restrain government’s natural tendency to expand.

I also believe government is and should be the creation of society. Society establishes its mores and then creates government to ensure that those standards are maintained. Government should not attempt to mold society. That Power belongs to the people. This seemingly simple distinction defines the role of government and establishes the difference between a government that serves as a tool of the people and a government that is the master of the people.

If you disagree with that distinction you may not want to read anything else I have to say.

But, if you are still reading, welcome to Voltaire Press!