Welcome to Voltaire Press

This site is dedicated to finding truth.

There are some issues that have polarized us to the point that discussion seems impossible. Whenever I hear of demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, I think of ancient battlefields.

You’ve seen such things in movies. Picture a vast expanse; rolling hills on either side of a broad valley. Now envision the two armies, each gathered at opposite ends of the valley, poised to charge into battle. The fight has not yet begun, but both sides are psyching themselves up for it by yelling slogans in the direction of the opposition. War is inevitable, because their hatred for one another has escalated to a point where they are blinded to any possibility of a peaceful resolution. Each side believes they are right, and their enemies are wrong.

Now, picture one man, alone in the middle of the valley, scratching in the dirt while ignoring the armies that surround him.

Who is this fool, and what is he doing?

That would be me, searching for the truth.

Since neither side is willing to talk to the other, and will only listen to those who agree with them, I’m sure that the truth cannot be found at either end of the battlefield! It is most likely somewhere in the middle.

You see, from my vantage point, I am able to hear what both sides are saying while they are so far apart that they can only hear their own version of the issue!

Yes, if there is any truth to be found, it will be found here. Of that, I am certain.

Of course, finding it can be difficult if the two sides aren’t speaking the same language. Some people can’t seem to communicate without quoting the bible, while others argue for their causes in technical terms no one but other scientists can understand. But these issues are too important to be lost in translation.

We will try to approach everything from a perspective of common sense. If you can’t understand things at this simple level, restating it in specialized terminology will not help you to comprehend it better. The more you understand about your world, the easier it will be for you to create improvements. The world needs improvements!

We are going to talk about some of those issues that have divided us. I will try to present both sides, in simple language. Where do you stand? Are you still seeking the truth, or have you enlisted in one of the two armies?

If you have already made up your mind, you may not be able to hear me from way over there.

Won’t you join me in the middle of the field for a little while?